The mission of Change Thrivers Enrichment Center for Women  is to provide life and work skills training, resources, information, and inspiration to enhance the lives of women and their families.

 About US

The Change Thrivers Enrichment Center, a (soon to be) non-profit organization, is intended to serve all women regardless of their income. It was conceptualized when Afsaneh Noori, founder, had an epiphany as she was walking on the beach imagining the kind of meaningful legacy she wants to leave behind.  Our vision is to offer women practical life skills workshops in person and on line; skills that are not generally taught in schools or at home.

Workshops are designed to give women hands-on tools they can use immediately to work through their life and family challenges with greater ease.  Some are unique because they apply team concept approaches and techniques in a family setting, where participants learn proven methods of effective communication and problems solving used by many successful corporations.

The workshops are enhanced with the Women Circles, where participants can connect around their interests. We will also provide women with related resources to create better lives for themselves and their families.

Currently we are offering 10 workshops at our training location that will repeat on a regular basis. These workshops will be facilitated by Afsaneh Noori, a master facilitator with over 30 years of experience. In addition we offer women circles Facilitated by Magda Santos and Afsaneh.

Afsaneh Noori is a published author, speaker, corporate consultant, master facilitator, trainer and conflict resolution coach. For detailed information about Afsaneh, visit her profile on:  Linkedin.com/in/afsanehnoori

Magda Santos is an educator with 30 plus years of experience, certified as a chi kung practitioner and a Niasziih healer, a Native American earth-based modality , specializing in brain-balancing, spinal-cleansing and healing on the landscape. Learn more at AMomentInTheWoods.com


Personal Growth Workshops 

Stress Less—Through understanding the different types and levels of stress and learning stress reduction  techniques, you will create a personalized plan to reduce the effects of stress and reactivity in the moment and in your life in general. September 2, 2014

Me” Time; Your Place on the Agenda—”Me” Time—Every woman needs it. In the great balancing act of home and work life, many women find no place for themselves  in their own lives. You will explore the reasons, the cost to you and the benefits of you caring for yourself and for everyone involved. You will create an action plan to put yourself on the agenda.  September 9, 2014

Sometimes saying, No! Is the Right Answer—Do you have a hard time saying “no” even when you feel like you have nothing left to give? You will explore  the reasons for that, the importance of boundaries,  and learn how to say “No!” when saying no is the right answer. September 16, 2014

What’s Change Got to Do With It?—Change is the essence of life and cannot be avoided. Difficult changes offer you opportunities to learn and expand if you know how to navigate the accompanying emotional terrain it can bring. In this workshop we will explore the emotional stages of transforming change and give you tools to help you through the difficult parts and techniques to create a better life journey. September 23, 2014

Think Positive, Live Positive—Our thoughts create our reality. If we focus more on the positive side of life, we experience the  September 30, 2014


Communication Workshops 

Can You Hear Me Now?—We will challenge the notion that we all communicate the same way and explore how we each perceive and interpret what we see through our own unique lens of perception.  You will learn a technique to communicate so you are heard without others becoming defensive and vice versa.  October 7, 2014

So What if We Have Different Personalities?—People are all born with different personalities which determines their source of energy, the way they see the world, the way they decide how to react to what they see, and the way they want to arrange their environment. In this workshop you will learn about your own preferences and how they can differ from your loved ones. You will have a new understanding of these differences and learn new techniques to communicate with other personality types. October 14, 2014

Win/Win Solutions to Everyday Conflicts—A win-win approach to conflict resolution and decision making allows you to take your family’s needs and wants into consideration and to find workable solutions for everyone involved. October 21, 2014 


Family Workshops 

Creating a Happy Family—Using the basic elements of teamwork you can change the dynamics of your family to create more harmony, understanding, and cooperation. You will learn 3 useful tools to engage your family in making interaction agreements, reducing misunderstandings, and proactively managing conflicts.  October 28, 2014 

All-In, Family Decisions That Stick—The more you can include your family in the decisions that impacts them, the more cooperation you will receive in implementing those decisions. You will learn collaborative decision-making techniques that will allow the entire family to be heard, understood,  and included. November 4, 2014 

All workshops are from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Every Workshop includes an e-Booklet 

Please Pre- Register
Pre-paid via PayPal ~ $25.00 / Session
Pay at the door ~ $30.00 / Session
Sliding scale available

Women Circles

Drumming MeditationSound healing is a wonderful way to remain at ease in the world.Occasionally, you are guided through these drumming mediations, but always the beat of the drum will help you connect to your own heartbeat and the rhythm of the earth.
The 2nd Wednesday of Each Month  – Facilitated by Magda Santos

Relaxation and moreRelax using the tools and gentle techniques of medical Chi Kung, deep breathing and other relaxation methods and explore the many ways to keep yourself relaxed.
The 3rd Wednesday of Each Month – Facilitated by Magda Santos

Change Thrivers— The circles provides women with an opportunity to discuss any challenges they face and ask questions. The participants will have access to an expert with 25 years experience in managing organizational and personal change that will facilitate the sessions.

Although each woman’s circumstances are unique, participants can learn from the discussions and apply the techniques to their situation as well as having the opportunity to find solutions involving their particular change.  Every Circle is a place where women hold a powerful space of safety, love, and support so each woman can unfold her truths and explore herself without fear of judgment.
The 4th  Wednesday of Each Month – Facilitated by Afsaneh Noori 

All Circles are from 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Please Pre- Register
Pre-paid via PayPal ~ $10.00 / Session
Sliding scale available


How to be Heard and Understood – A Personal Story

Greetings and Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.

This is the story of how my mother and I found a deep love for each other that was hidden in years of conflicts and misunderstandings.

Saying that my mother and I didn’t get along is an understatement. She was going through menopause as I was going through puberty. Need I say more? Two hard-headed, hormonal women under one roof made for an abundance of anger and conflict. I was a free-spirited girl who questioned customs that didn’t make sense to me. She was the mistress of etiquette and had a definite idea of how her daughter should behave. Like a butterfly, I flitted from one activity to another; in contrast my mother was organized and structured. As a teenager, I wanted to wear the hippie clothes I saw in Western magazines and she wanted to dress me in a mink shawl and an emerald ring. I wanted to marry a man from another faith and nationality and she talked my father into moving to America to prevent it!

Once I was married and on my own, our relationship improved somewhat but we still had clashes and power struggles. We grappled with unmet expectations and disappointments for years until I learned about personality types and got certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). In 1989, I saw an opportunity to have a better relationship with her. I translated the questions into Farsi so my parents could take the instrument. When I interpreted the results, my mother said, “Oh, so you were born this way. I didn’t do anything wrong!” From that point on, we had a new language of understanding that helped my mother and me, who have very different personalities, to finally understand each other and find constructive ways to resolve our conflicts.

A year later she gave me the greatest gift when she told me, “Afsaneh, you are my daughter and I have always loved you but now, I also really like you”. For the last 22 years of her life, we enjoyed a close and authentic relationship. These pictures are from the early 2000s. Digital pictures were not as good then as they are today, but high resolution is not needed to feel the love I shared with my mom.

In addition to having seen the results of this instrument help build healthier relationships in families and organizations, I have personally used it to enhance my relationships with my own loved ones. This is one of the main reasons why I love using it to help others understand each other, resolve conflicts and have harmonious relationships: I know it works.

What better gift can you give to your family or friends than a tool for building more harmonious relationships? What better gift can you give yourself? Understanding your personality types and applying that knowledge to your communication and conflict resolution styles helps you and your loved ones hear and understand each other better. This tool is for everyone who is in a relationship (couples, parents and children, siblings, etc.).

What is included

  • An on-line personality indicator.
  • A personalized interpretation of the results and its application to your personal communication, decision making and conflict resolution needs in a 1-1/2 to 2 hour consulting call.
  • A quick reference e-book.
  • A downloadable link to the recording of the call for you to listen to again and again.

$250 for 2 people. $100 for each additional person

To celebrate the holidays, I am offering 20% discount for bookings in December and January that can be scheduled for any time in the year.

How it works

  • Contact Afsaneh at Info@ChangeThrivers.com
  • Take an on-line personality indicator.
  • Attend a recorded interpretation & application call.