Change Management, Conflict Resolution and Organizational Development Consulting

Change triggers conflict. Estimated 65% of performance issues are caused by strained relationships between employees, not from insufficient skill or motivation in part of the individual employees. The financial and human costs of poorly managed conflicts in the workplace are often unrecognized but significant. Change Thrivers consultants help you and your teams resolve conflicts and build effective relationships based on understanding self and others.

We strengthen your organization through:

  1. Organizational Development Consulting — Change and conflict management
  2. Leadership Development — Training and coaching
  3. Team Development — Training and facilitating

Conflict Resolution Process:

  • Diagnosing conflict situations, assessing underlying issues needs, designing & delivering comprehensive & effective solutions that established safety and trust.
  • Coaching & educating leaders to balance both their technical competence with emotional intelligence for greater impact.
  • Teaching teams how conflicts emerge & develop; why people respond differently; how to engage in constructive behaviors to resolve conflicts.
  • Offering individual and group assessment tools, such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Conflict Dynamics Profile assessment (CDP) & the Human Patterns Inventory.
  • Facilitating one-on-one conflict resolution sessions that rely on perspective taking, reaching out, expressing emotions & creating solutions.
  • Teaching teaming & leadership concepts in a way that people can understand, remember & act upon.
  • Strategies for accelerating change management initiatives and ways to reduce costly resistance.
  • Coaching the teams & the leadership to practice learned skills and maintain competencies after the development phase.