ADHD: A New Brain for a New Age

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August 1, 2011
Guest: Cheryl Healey
Guest Website: The Gift of You

About the Show:
Why are so many sensitive children given a label of ADHD?  Why do the numbers keep increasing?  What can you as a parent do to help your child avoid this label and treat or avoid symptoms naturally?  Learn the big, complex picture of ADHD and how you can help these children whether you are a parent or a concerned individual.  The time is now to turn the tide for these kids.  The children will be glad you did and so will you!

Change Thrivers Tip by Cheryl Healy:
Sensitive children including ADHD and ADD kids have a higher sensory perception than norm. The can multi-task naturally and process more information which is suited to the exponentially increasing amount of information they are bombarded with.

Symptoms are mostly physical and usually a reaction to some kind of allergy. Allergies are extremely common in sensitive and ADHD children. They could be allergic to variety of things such as food preservatives, cleaning products, other chemicals and toxins.

You might like to check your children for three things:

  1. Food Allergies
  2. Leaky gut – a name used to describe intestinal or bowel hyperpermeability. Increased intestinal permeability begins with inflammation and irritation to the lining of the digestive tract. Over time, the intestinal lining begins to wear and break down. This forms large gaps between your intestinal cells which then allow toxins, pathogens, and undigested food particles to enter your bloodstream.
  3. Toxins

Recommended Resources by Cheryl Healey:
Book: Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders:


Documentaries: Food Inc. and Processed People

About Cheryl Healey:

Cheryl Healey is the creative and passionate Founder of The Gift of You Coaching and training programs.  With a heartfelt desire to help children and teens remember the gift they are and what they bring to this world, Cheryl is facilitating positive transformation. Working with children and teens with ADHD and their families looking for drug-free solutions evolved from Cheryl’s vision.  Growing up is challenging enough, but add ADHD to the mix and it’s even easier to feel like you don’t “fit in”. As a Wellness Coach and Empowerment Solution Provider, remarkable and energetic Motivational Speaker and Personal Development Teacher, Cheryl educates and inspires you and your child to try new things to create the life of your dreams.

Step Aside Super Woman – Career and Family is For Any Woman

Change Thrivers Radio show

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July 18, 2011
Guest: Christine Brown-Quinn
Christine’s Website: Christine Brown-Quinn
Book on Amazon: Step Aside Super Woman – Career and Family is For Any Woman

About the Show:

Who Said You Can’t Have it All? Educated and ambitious women today are clear about what they want… Yes, you can say it loudly and not feel guilty or isolated… I WANT BOTH!

Combining career and family is a fact of life for modern women, resulting from their tremendous progress in education and professional development. And, the great news is that you don’t need to be a Superwoman to get the balance right. It’s tough, yes. Rewarding too. But this ultimate juggling act is much easier when you have the right tools. Christine Brown-Quinn, a high powered career woman and mother, shares over two decades of hard-won advice.

Change Thrivers Tips by Christine:

  1. Find the right partner  – DISCUSS career ambition and family aspiration – don’t make assumptions
  2. Don’t overcomplicate your childcare arrangements and RESPECT your childcare provider – she is one of the linchpins to making it all work!
  3. Think like a business owner when trying to make changes to your work schedule to accommodate personal life

About Christine:

Entrepreneur and author, Christine Brown-Quinn founded her consultancy practice The Female Capitalist™ in 2010, after publishing her book entitled Step Aside Super Woman, Career & Family is for Any Woman. Formerly a managing director in banking & finance, she now works as an author, international speaker and management consultant. The Female Capitalist offers professional women innovative and refreshing ways to enjoy their career-family lifestyle. The company also offers businesses the opportunity to improve bottom-line performance through gender diversity.

Delicately Dealing with Difficult People

Change Thrivers Radio show

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May 2011
Guest: Monica Wafford
Monica’s Website: Monica Wafford Companies

Change Thrivers Tip by Monica:

In any communication scenario, the more you can be authentic, be honest, be clear and be kind, the more effective your communication will be. When we communicate that way, we find that people will respond in similar way. The communication dialogue flows as opposed to being stalled.

The authenticity is key because it shows who you really are. The honesty is key because you talk about what your need really is. The clarity is key because it fosters understanding. And the kindness is important because there is so much stress, so much negativity and so much difficulty in the world which we live that is easy to fuel a reactionary pattern for most of us. When people expect you to be less than kind, a simple kind word can elevate the level of understanding and communication to a platform that maybe you didn’t expect but are glad to receive.