Releasing Unfinished Business – Eileen Broer 02/07/2011

February 7, 2011
Eileen Broer

Listen to the show: Releasing Unfinished Business to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Show description: Eileen Broer, President of The Human Dimension, walks us through the steps to complete Unfinished Business – even when it includes someone who can’t or won’t meet us halfway – or when we’re not able or ready to confront the other person.

Change Thrivers Tips

9 Facts about Unfinished Business

  1. Occurs when experiences are not completed for some reason.
  2. Often due to avoidance or conflict.
  3. Contains memories and associations that still have “voltage” or emotional energy. Finished Business does not maintain “voltage.”
  4. Stays in the memory with two to three times the force of Finished Business.
  5. Drains energy.
  6. Becomes a rigid, fixed pattern that keeps demanding to be re-experienced.
  7. The hope that if we re-experience it, it will come out differently, and we will get what we want.
  8. Relationships will give us an opportunity to re-create the experience (feelings).
  9. The more Unfinished Business we can release, the more we are available for new experiences.

 4 Common Reactions to Unfinished Business

  1. You avoid the person involved.
  2. You do not want anyone else to have a good relationship with that person either.
  3. You make unkind remarks about her/him.
  4. You do not support her/his ideas, feelings, etc.

A few of the topics discussed during the show:

  1. How do I know, if I have unfinished business?
  2. Why we may be hurting ourselves by not completing our unfinished business.
  3. How do we complete it?
  4. How do we release Unfinished Business with someone who can’t or won’t meet us halfway or is no longer around?

About Eileen Broer:

As an Executive Coach, Coaches’ Coach, President of the Human Dimension consultancy, and Vice President of three Fortune 500 companies, Eileen has worked with executives and leaders at all levels.  Eileen has helped people in all walks of life complete unfinished business, including at the top levels of organizations.  In her 25 years as an Organizational Development Consultant, she has also facilitated countless teams to surface and complete their unfinished business.  She is a Master Facilitator and Transformational Teacher. 

Another recent interest of Eileen is Educating, Supporting and Celebrating Indigo and Crystal Children, Youth and Adults, and their Parents, Teachers, Grandparents, and other Caregivers. To learn more about her visit her websites: HumanDimension and Elayna