How to be Heard and Understood – A Personal Story

Greetings and Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.

This is the story of how my mother and I found a deep love for each other that was hidden in years of conflicts and misunderstandings.

Saying that my mother and I didn’t get along is an understatement. She was going through menopause as I was going through puberty. Need I say more? Two hard-headed, hormonal women under one roof made for an abundance of anger and conflict. I was a free-spirited girl who questioned customs that didn’t make sense to me. She was the mistress of etiquette and had a definite idea of how her daughter should behave. Like a butterfly, I flitted from one activity to another; in contrast my mother was organized and structured. As a teenager, I wanted to wear the hippie clothes I saw in Western magazines and she wanted to dress me in a mink shawl and an emerald ring. I wanted to marry a man from another faith and nationality and she talked my father into moving to America to prevent it!

Once I was married and on my own, our relationship improved somewhat but we still had clashes and power struggles. We grappled with unmet expectations and disappointments for years until I learned about personality types and got certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). In 1989, I saw an opportunity to have a better relationship with her. I translated the questions into Farsi so my parents could take the instrument. When I interpreted the results, my mother said, “Oh, so you were born this way. I didn’t do anything wrong!” From that point on, we had a new language of understanding that helped my mother and me, who have very different personalities, to finally understand each other and find constructive ways to resolve our conflicts.

A year later she gave me the greatest gift when she told me, “Afsaneh, you are my daughter and I have always loved you but now, I also really like you”. For the last 22 years of her life, we enjoyed a close and authentic relationship. These pictures are from the early 2000s. Digital pictures were not as good then as they are today, but high resolution is not needed to feel the love I shared with my mom.

In addition to having seen the results of this instrument help build healthier relationships in families and organizations, I have personally used it to enhance my relationships with my own loved ones. This is one of the main reasons why I love using it to help others understand each other, resolve conflicts and have harmonious relationships: I know it works.

What better gift can you give to your family or friends than a tool for building more harmonious relationships? What better gift can you give yourself? Understanding your personality types and applying that knowledge to your communication and conflict resolution styles helps you and your loved ones hear and understand each other better. This tool is for everyone who is in a relationship (couples, parents and children, siblings, etc.).

What is included

  • An on-line personality indicator.
  • A personalized interpretation of the results and its application to your personal communication, decision making and conflict resolution needs in a 1-1/2 to 2 hour consulting call.
  • A quick reference e-book.
  • A downloadable link to the recording of the call for you to listen to again and again.

$250 for 2 people. $100 for each additional person

To celebrate the holidays, I am offering 20% discount for bookings in December and January that can be scheduled for any time in the year.

How it works

  • Contact Afsaneh at
  • Take an on-line personality indicator.
  • Attend a recorded interpretation & application call.

Releasing Unfinished Business – Eileen Broer 02/07/2011

February 7, 2011
Eileen Broer

Listen to the show: Releasing Unfinished Business to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Show description: Eileen Broer, President of The Human Dimension, walks us through the steps to complete Unfinished Business – even when it includes someone who can’t or won’t meet us halfway – or when we’re not able or ready to confront the other person.

Change Thrivers Tips

9 Facts about Unfinished Business

  1. Occurs when experiences are not completed for some reason.
  2. Often due to avoidance or conflict.
  3. Contains memories and associations Continue reading

Releasing Unfinished Business to Improve the Quality of Your Life!

Change Thrivers Radio Show
Airs on Monday, February 7th, 2011 at 6:30pm EST! 

Our amazing guest this week is Eileen Broer, President of The Human Dimension, here to show us how releasing our Unfinished Business can improve the quality of our lives


Change Thriver, do you have Unfinished Business? If you’ve walked around muttering to yourself, wishing you’d said something you didn’t think to say when you had the chance – like that perfect moment during an argument with your ex-boyfriend five years ago — you have unfinished business.  If you’ve had that comment that you WISH you’d said to your boss, rolling around in your head all night keeping you awake, you — yes you — have unfinished business.  If you’ve ever met someone for the first time, and knew they disliked you on sight, but chose to ignore it, and “play nice,” even YOU likely have unfinished business.  Eileen explains that, “Unfinished business is part of the human condition, and releasing it is one of the most helpful things we can do for our health and well-being.

Eileen has helped people in all walks of life complete unfinished business, including at the top levels of organizations.  As an Executive Coach, Coaches’ Coach, President of the Human Dimension consultancy, and Vice President of three Fortune 500 companies, Eileen has worked with executives and leaders at all levels.  In her 25 years as an Organizational Development Consultant, she has also helped countless teams to surface and complete their unfinished business.  She is a Master Facilitator and Transformational Leader.  Her resume is a testament to Change Thriving – Eileen is a woman driven to help others to improve their lives, both personally and professionally.  Join Eileen as she tells us why we may be hurting ourselves by not completing our unfinished business, and walks us through the steps to complete it – even when it includes someone who can’t or won’t meet us halfway – or when we’re not able or ready to confront the other person. 

It may be time to complete some Unfinished Business.

We will also be joined by Venita Garvin Valdez with a commentary on Venita’s View.

Call in to chat and ask questions during the live show by calling 914-803-4846. Unable to listen to the show live?  Visit for archived shows when you are ready.
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