How to Help Your Preschoolers Manage Stress!

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June 6, 2011
Guest: Dr. Mo Pertik
Dr. Mo’s Website: Dr. Mo Pertik

Change Thrivers Tip by Dr. Mo:
First know how you are feeling before dealing with your children’s emotion.
Use the GBS System

  • Goal  Selection (Stress Management) – To have a well-adjusted child that knows options and how to control and manage stress.
  • Breading (Breath Awareness) – Taking in a moment to pause, taking in a breath, keeping that goal in mind, breathing in and breathing out. You can do this with your children. In a tough situation when they can’t  manage, you can use bubbles or balloons.
  • Shift Gears – (Make a choice) Be aware of feelings, making a positive choice in terms of how you look at a situation. “I hear and I forget, I see and remember, I do and I understand. Talk about feelings, share problem solving skills, share enjoyable activities, singing, rhyming, playing and something that is very important, doing nothing.

About the Show:
We don’t often think of preschoolers as being stressed. After all isn’t stress a grown up thing? Dr. Maria Pertik RN, PhD known fondly as “Dr. Mo” says there are many situations that can stress your small children. In this program Afsaneh Noori will ask Dr. Mo to share what can stress children, how stress shows up in a child and the solutions she can offer our listeners. Dr. Mo is the author of “Stress Management and ME” which explains the art of teaching kids stress management and positive health.

About Dr. Mo: 
Dr. Mo certainly has one of the most interesting and diverse resumes and interest5s. She has both a medical and psychological background. Not only is she a Registered Nurse, but she also has a Masters degree in Holistic Health and a Doctorate in Psychology. She is the author of many international publications, including Stress Management and ME offered in several countries. The Peace Corps in Ecuador are currently using it.  This book is a time tested a self-help book for young children on how to manage stress. Her latest book which she plans on being a best seller is: Shaking Hands With Alzheimer’s Disease a Guide for Compassion, Seven Steps for Compassionate Care giving. 

Dr. Mo is a world traveler and teacher. In the last twelve months she has been studying and teaching in India and Ecuador, spending time in Dharmasala where the Dalai Lama resides.  She also has been a volunteer in Haiti, and the barrios of Santa Domingo, Ecuador. As a hobby Dr. Mo likes to be an extra in movies.  My favorites that I was an extra in were EAT PRAY LOVE, and ADJUSTMENT BUREAU.  “ I find film to be fascinating, and it is true, all the world is a stage”. 

Dr. Mo says, “I have been passionate about why some people can survive immense trauma, and flourish while others self impose struggle for their entire lives. I have found that the way people manage stress is THE tipping point.” She can be reached at her website: Dr. Mo

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