Step Aside Super Woman – Career and Family is For Any Woman

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July 18, 2011
Guest: Christine Brown-Quinn
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About the Show:

Who Said You Can’t Have it All? Educated and ambitious women today are clear about what they want… Yes, you can say it loudly and not feel guilty or isolated… I WANT BOTH!

Combining career and family is a fact of life for modern women, resulting from their tremendous progress in education and professional development. And, the great news is that you don’t need to be a Superwoman to get the balance right. It’s tough, yes. Rewarding too. But this ultimate juggling act is much easier when you have the right tools. Christine Brown-Quinn, a high powered career woman and mother, shares over two decades of hard-won advice.

Change Thrivers Tips by Christine:

  1. Find the right partner  – DISCUSS career ambition and family aspiration – don’t make assumptions
  2. Don’t overcomplicate your childcare arrangements and RESPECT your childcare provider – she is one of the linchpins to making it all work!
  3. Think like a business owner when trying to make changes to your work schedule to accommodate personal life

About Christine:

Entrepreneur and author, Christine Brown-Quinn founded her consultancy practice The Female Capitalist™ in 2010, after publishing her book entitled Step Aside Super Woman, Career & Family is for Any Woman. Formerly a managing director in banking & finance, she now works as an author, international speaker and management consultant. The Female Capitalist offers professional women innovative and refreshing ways to enjoy their career-family lifestyle. The company also offers businesses the opportunity to improve bottom-line performance through gender diversity.

How does 10 Qualities of an Intentional life start with a Promise?

Change Thrivers proudly announces our speaker for Monday, December 6th, 2010 as Therese Tappouni, who’s talking to us about living an Intentional life.  Therese is co-founder of Isis Institute and Author of “The Promise, Revealing the Purpose of your Soul”.  If you, like so many Change Thriver women are frustrated and confused about why you’re not able to shoehorn yourself into your (or someone else’s) image of the perfect life and you’re ready to start living the life YOU intend,  you may have found refuge.  Like every woman, Therese’ spiritual path has included grief, anger, divine guidance, feminine empowerment, and spiritual truth.  She says “The energy that it takes to carry the personas that we create to make other people happy could power the sun” and gives 10 Qualities of an intentional life with self, mates, family, community and the world at large. 

Call your girlfriends, and run the vacuum.   This show exposes the 10 steps you can take to live the life you’ve been waiting to start, and talks about how spending your time becoming the perfect person, the perfect wife, the person that never cries, and our societal impression of the woman we must be, actually impairs the woman that we can become by embracing every true part of ourselves.   It’s unusual to find an author who’s so open to sharing her truth, and holding that truth up as a light, while imagining a bright world of women with their truth lighting up their own lives.

Therese is also a Time Dimension Therapist, Certified Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist and Somatic Intuitive Practitioner, as well as CEO of ISIS Institute and Whole Heart.  Therese is an accomplished author with several projects to her credit, including her book The Promise: Revealing the Purpose of Your Soul which won the Bronze Medal in Women’s Issues in 2008 from the Independent Book Publishers; her CD called The Promise: Walking Your Path of Truth includes guided visualizations and meditations with music by Michael Hoppe and the Prague Symphony ; Lot’s Wife; Walking your Walk; A Woman’s Guide to a Spirit Filled Life, her novel A Time to Reap, about three generations of women who find their inner strength through tragedy and blessings and Night Gardening: Passionate Poems for the Beloved with her partner, Lance Ware.   She’s even written a children’s book called Me and Green, talking about sustainability.

Our call with Therese may just be the light of reason and truth that you, powerful and Intentional Change Thriver woman, have been looking for. 

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We invite our Change Thriver audience to call in, chat with Therese, and ask your questions about the 10 Qualities of an Intentional Life” to help get yourself back on track.  For the lineup of upcoming speakers exploring change and transformation, visit

Ready to start living the life YOU Intended – the life of your dreams? Join us on Monday, December 6, 2010 with Therese Tappouni.