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Step Aside Super Woman – Career and Family is For Any Woman

July 18th, 2011 | Tags: , , , , , , , , ,
Posted in Business Success, Change Thrivers Radio Show, Children & Family, Personal Empowerment and Growth | 2 Comments »

Change Thrivers Radio show

Listen to the Show here: Step Aside Super Woman, Career & Family is for Any Woman
July 18, 2011
Guest: Christine Brown-Quinn
Christine’s Website: Christine Brown-Quinn
Book on Amazon: Step Aside Super Woman – Career and Family is For Any Woman

About the Show:

Who Said You Can’t Have it All? Educated and ambitious women today are clear about what they want… Yes, you can say it loudly and not feel guilty or isolated… I WANT BOTH!

Combining career and family is a fact of life for modern women, resulting from their tremendous progress in education and professional development. And, the great news is that you don’t need to be a Superwoman to get the balance right. It’s tough, yes. Rewarding too. But this ultimate juggling act is much easier when you have the right tools. Christine Brown-Quinn, a high powered career woman and mother, shares over two decades of hard-won advice.

Change Thrivers Tips by Christine:

  1. Find the right partner  – DISCUSS career ambition and family aspiration – don’t make assumptions
  2. Don’t overcomplicate your childcare arrangements and RESPECT your childcare provider – she is one of the linchpins to making it all work!
  3. Think like a business owner when trying to make changes to your work schedule to accommodate personal life

About Christine:

Entrepreneur and author, Christine Brown-Quinn founded her consultancy practice The Female Capitalist™ in 2010, after publishing her book entitled Step Aside Super Woman, Career & Family is for Any Woman. Formerly a managing director in banking & finance, she now works as an author, international speaker and management consultant. The Female Capitalist offers professional women innovative and refreshing ways to enjoy their career-family lifestyle. The company also offers businesses the opportunity to improve bottom-line performance through gender diversity.

Bringing Balance Back into Life After a Change…

August 10th, 2010 | Tags: , ,
Posted in Personal Empowerment and Growth | 1 Comment »

To live a balanced life is a desire for most of us but it does take thought and effort to accomplish. However in the times of change, we often let go of that notion and focus on what we have to do to get through the change. I don’t always live in balance but I do my best to achieve it as much as I can in my life. I lost balance during the launching of the Change Thrivers Radio show which was a very intense experience,  requiring a great deal of my attention at the expense of many other parts of my life. Now that the work is done, I am working on bringing balance back to my life and I want to share my process with you.

My partner Magda and I had expected this period of concentrated activity and had prepared for it as best we could. We knew that in the cycle of change, this phase was about surviving the demands of this project which was going to change the way we lived our lives normally. We agreed that we would do the essential tasks that had to get done in the most efficient way that we could and let other things slip away until after the launch. Magda was prepared to pick up some of my usual house hold tasks to free my time up for work. Other casualties of this time were no exercise for over a month and not enough rest or recreation. Dealing with the sheer amount of details was quite stressful and the hours in front of the computer was hard on my body.

This was also a period of reflection and self awareness as I clarified my message, mission and direction. I managed to keep myself in a good frame of mind. In daily prayers I soaked in the feelings of gratitude and in meditations I asked for guidance and I listened for my inner Knowing. I set my intentions for following my joy and taking inspired actions. I read, listened to or watched inspirational material daily. Before each task I envisioned the results that I wanted. This spiritual practice energized and focused me each day as I watched one thing fall into place after another. This connection to my Truth gave me the focus, stamina and desire to work hard and put all of myself into it. 

It was an emotional high as each new door opened just in time for me to walk through. Amazing people, each with just the perfect talent showed up in my life and took pieces of this new creation and added their gifts to it. Before I knew it, I had learned how to navigate in the world of social media, had a theme song, logo and avatar, videos, pictures, blogsite, professional copy writing and radio announcements. I had booked the show into the spring of the next year with high quality guests who can inspire my audience. I had friends who were cheering me on and a partner that was supporting me with joy. I had a network of loved ones that added their energy of love, well wishes and support to mine and gave me an emotional push toward the finish line.

The first show was a triumph. When I listened to it later, I tried to hear it from the listeners’ point of view and I genuinely liked what I heard. I was proud of the result of all the efforts that had gone into it.  I felt as if I had just given birth to a beautiful and healthy new life.

Then, I crashed.  For the first couple of days I slept for long hours, lounged on my recliner with a good thick novel and only left it when I was hungry or nature called. I felt layers of tiredness seeping through the chair as I sipped my tea, read and dosed off. Although my body rested, I was emotionally spent. I came down from the adrenalin high of a very intense period of concentration and production and took a dip into the shadow land. I was emotionally fragile for a few days and felt hurt easily. It didn’t feel good although I knew it was just part of the process.

Now that I am emotionally and physically back to my normal self, I am working on bringing back the  balance into my daily activities. I began taking caring of my body by swimming daily and planning my meals better. I am de-cluttering my office and home so I can work and live in inviting spaces that make me feel good. I am organizing my ”to do” list so I can be more focused when I am working. I am planning play time to catch up with my friends and nurture my connections.

A dear friend, Dara, replied to a post on facebook about balancing our lives.  She said, “Balance is a state of mind!! In life, sometimes things MUST be placed on the back burner so that what is cooking up front can be stirred, seasoned, watched, stirred some more, water added if necessary, until finally it comes to the consistency and taste we desire….at which point, that pot can be moved to the back and what was simmering before can be placed up front again…..LIFE….isn’t it GRAND!! Always Changing and forever evolving!!”

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